Elesgo Supergloss Flooring Rio Palisander £15.99m2

Brand Elesgo Supergloss
Code 770421
Condition New
Weight 10kg
Pack Size 1.97m2
m2 £15.99m2
Elesgo Supergloss Flooring Rio Palisander £15.99m2


Elesgo High Gloss Rio Palisander Original laminate Flooring is a Flush Fit Flat Edge Floor. (No Grooves) Elesgo High Gloss laminate flooring is easy to lay, thanks to the UniClic joint system. Elesgo® Original High Gloss laminates have a 100% closed surface, the top layer is completely waterproof and very easy to maintain, this flooring range can used used in bathrooms providing you seal the joint. Elesgo High Gloss Laminate Flooring comes in a 1.97 m² pack and is suitable for use in residential areas with high traffic and commercial areas with medium traffic levels. 

What is ELESGO®

The ELESGO Laminate Flooring is more durable than the natural woodblock, more hygienic than the floor cloth and warmer than the tile work. It is made solvent-free that is confirmed by the Bayern Land Handwerkskammer. The ELESGO floor has been quality certified by Institut fuer Holztechnologie Dresden.

ELESGO(R) is the registered electron beam curing method. This abbreviation is expanded as ELEktronen Strahl Gehaertete Oberflache (electron beam cured surface).


* The decor base is formed by the dedicated paper imitating the wood or stone structure, or art-colored.

* The decor paper is coated with special layer impregnated with acrylate-resin-based composite added with mineral particles (corundum) making the surface wear-resistant.

* The next layer that is top layer impregnated with acrylate resins provides resistance for mechanical stress, representation of the decor structure and anti static properties of the surface.

* This laminate is cured exposed to the light beam of definite spectrum (by photo polymerization principle). Thus, the high-duty and flexible film is achieved. What are the unique properties of ELESGO(R) surface?

* "Environmentally perfect - free of formaldehyde and solvents that is confirmed by the Blue Angel eco-label".

* Anti static properties (draws up no dust).

* Hygienic properties (requires no special care, easy to clean).

* The unique haptical and optical effect of the decor.

* The ELESGO laminate is of high-duty and wear-resistance

* High resistivity to stains and to effects of household chemicals.

* Resistivity to high temperatures.

* No fading in the sun (resistivity to UV exposure).


1. High quality.

2. The ELESGO is the first laminate flooring that passed complete ecological evaluation and is allowed for combustion and recycling in Europe.

3. Long-term service life (10, 14 and more years).

4. It is serviceable and requires no additional maintenance.

5. Perfect color reproduction (looks like 100% wood).

6. Enormous range of decors.

7. Suitable for heated floors.

8. It is highly abrasive-resistant and shock-resistant.

9. It is resistant effects of solid objects.

10. It is not sensitive to smoldering cigarette.

11. Exclusive and new collections (noise-absorbing laminate flooring, glossy laminate flooring, floorboard- imitating flooring).

You should admit that the ELESGO laminate flooring is far ahead of its routine competitors...

Elesgo® laminate: revolutionary surface technology

The revolutionary Elesgo® technology is an entirely unique process for the manufacture of laminate surfaces which has been patented worldwide. During the high tech production process the laminate layer is cured from within like in a micro-wave creating an extremely durable surface. By altering the various layers and chemical components used in the process, different surface finishes such as the supergloss flooring are possible.

Elesgo® laminates have a 100% closed surface, the top layer is therefore completely waterproof and very easy to maintain. In addition, the material is flexible to radius 1, very scratch resistant, anti-static, and very resistant to wear. It is therefore suitable for many different applications. The decors are available in various finishes: from supermat to highgloss, with or without a surface structure. 

The manufacture of Elesgo® laminate is a highly controlled process that does not require the addition or cause emission of any harmful substances. This ensures both the product and its manufacturing process are completely safe and environmentally friendly.

1184mm x 185mm x 7mm  1.97m2 per pack

Elesgo Supergloss- Combining luxurious looks with affordability.
99% High Gloss Finish
Scratch Resistant highgloss Elesgo Surface
UV resistant- non fade. Ideal for conservatories
Anti-static: dirt repelling
With Unilin click technology-fast and clean installation without glue
7mm Double Compressed HDF-Extra Sensitive  formaldehyde free!!!
20 year domestic guarantee
For light - medium intensive home use

HDM production works with materials derived from nature and so we feel have a responsibility. The substrates used conform to the formaldehyde (CH2O) agreements of the E1 emissions class. Furthermore, the MDF carrier boards used possess such small amounts of formaldehyde that all MDF lamella may bear the Blauer Engel (Blue Angel) environment certification.
Proven test-methodical competence, integrity, and neutrality of the testing laboratory is the basis for acceptance of EPH-Testing Certificates and QP-Quality Sign with institutions, public authorities, numerous RAL-Quality Communities as well as national and international business enterprises.
The World Floor Covering Association (WFCA) is an unbiased source of information on all types of flooring, including carpet, hardwood flooring, laminate floors, ceramic tile, area rugs, natural stone, cork, bamboo and vinyl flooring. The WFCA and its 3000-members are dedicated to providing consumers the service and support needed to ensure a successful flooring purchase experience.
The “LGA tested quality” certificate is proof of comprehensive, constant quality and is seen by consumers as a quality signet for safety and quality. “LGA tested quality” increases consumer acceptance by creating trust.
All our Elesgo products are made in Germany
High - performance processing plant for Elesgo® laminate flooring in Möckern Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000 for HDM GmbH. .
Environmentally perfect - free of formaldehyde and solvents that is confirmed by an independent institute in Germany. In testing procedures free of animal testing it was proven that finished, laid ELESGO® Superglanz floor - extra Sensitive emits no cell toxic substances and thus no substances which are harmful to health.
The LGA is a German certification company that was acquired by TUV Rheinland in 2007. The LGA test mark "schadstoffgeprüft" (English: "tested for toxins") is now awarded by TÜV Rheinland to mattresses and furniture that meet certain requirements regarding emissions and toxins.
Elesgo approved by the China Council for the floor covering