Elesgo Supergloss Flooring White Maxi V5 Tile £15.99m2

Brand Elesgo Supergloss
Code 772616
Condition New
Weight 15kg
Pack Size 2.27m2
m2 £15.99m2
Elesgo Supergloss Flooring White Maxi V5 Tile £15.99m2
Elesgo Supergloss Flooring White Maxi V5 Tile £15.99m2
Elesgo Supergloss Flooring White Maxi V5 Tile £15.99m2
Elesgo Supergloss Flooring White Maxi V5 Tile £15.99m2
Elesgo Supergloss Flooring White Maxi V5 Tile £15.99m2


Elesgo Supergloss White Maxi V5 Tiles are formed with a V-groove on 4 sides and one in the middle of the panel (V5). This results in the plan view of a large format rectangular tile. This floor has a beautiful high-gloss surface abrasion and scratch resistant. The back of the panel is finished with a sound Laminopax low. Décor: Color white (high gloss). Anti-static (dirt-repellent) surface. On the basis of 7,7mm HDF with Unilin Click compound. Suitable for heavy domestic and light commercial use (class 23/31). 20 year warranty.

This laminate flooring is easy to lay, thanks to the UniClic joint system that allows each board to be slotted together seamlessly.Supergloss White Maxi V5 Micro Groove Laminate Flooring is suitable for use in residential areas with high traffic and commercial areas with light traffic levels. Elesgo laminate flooring comes with a 20 year residential guarantee. Matching skirting boards, moulding covers and door profiles are available for this product.

Elesgo® laminate: revolutionary surface technology

The revolutionary Elesgo® technology is an entirely unique process for the manufacture of laminate surfaces which has been patented worldwide. During the high tech production process the laminate layer is cured from within like in a micro-wave creating an extremely durable surface. By altering the various layers and chemical components used in the process, different surface finishes such as the supergloss flooring are possible.


Elesgo® laminates have a 100% closed surface, the top layer is therefore completely waterproof and very easy to maintain. In addition, the material is flexible to radius 1, very scratch resistant, anti-static, and very resistant to wear. It is therefore suitable for many different applications. The decors are available in various finishes: from supermat to highgloss, with or without a surface structure. 


The manufacture of Elesgo® laminate is a highly controlled process that does not require the addition or cause emission of any harmful substances. This ensures both the product and its manufacturing process are completely safe and environmentally friendly.

Short description (1184x320x7,7) 2,27m²
SKU 772616
Volume in suit 2.27
Net weight in KG 13,82
decor name COLOR WHITE
Base HDF
main Category floor
Subcategory laminate
Brand wellness Floor
Series Maxi V5
implementation shelf V5 Tile Motif
package contents 6 panels

99% High Gloss Finish
Scratch resistant surface
UV Resistant - non fade
Anti-static surface
Unilin click technology - easy to fit
20 yr Domestic guarantee
1184mm x 320mm x 7.7mm
Pack Size 2.27m2