Help & Advice

 Things to consider before purchasing your floor: -

  • Which room is the flooring being installed in? For example, if the room is subjected to a high level of moisture of humidity (bathroom, kitchen etc) then you may need to consider a moisture resistant flooring and will need to use a damp proof membrane in addition to underlay. If the flooring is to be used in an upstairs room e.g. bedroom then you may wish to consider using a sound reducing laminate.
  • How much traffic will the flooring be subjected to? High traffic areas such as a domestic living room, office or shop will required a stronger grade of flooring. Use the (insert the domestic and commercial use symbols) symbols to identify which flooring is most suitable for your needs.
  • What type of surface is the flooring going to be installed on? If the flooring is to be installed on an uneven surface you will need to use a self-levelling underlay such as softboard.

Preparation of your flooring: -

  • Ensure that your subfloor is clear of dust and debris and is level.
  • Before installation, your flooring packs must be left unopened, horizontally in the room in which they are to be installed for 48 hours. This ensures that the flooring acclimatizes to the humidity and temperature of the room before installation. We recommend solid wood packs are left for one week before installation.
  • Check all individual planks of flooring for defects BEFORE fitting. We cannot process returns on flooring that has been found to be faulty after installation.
  • Ensure that you have the correct underlay for your subfloor and room conditions.
  • Make sure you have the correct fitting kit and tools for the installation of your flooring.
  • Make sure you have the accessories to add the finishing touches e.g. beading, skirting, doors bars etc.

Fitting your flooring: -

  • Each manufacturer of laminate flooring has their own instructions and guidelines for fitting their products that will be included in each pack of flooring. Please follow these instructions carefully, as failure to do so may invalidate the manufacturers warranty. We recommend that a professional flooring fitter fits solid and hardwood floors.
  • A 5-10 mm expansion gap is recommended for all laminate floors to allow for natural expansion of the product. A 15 mm gap is recommended for wood products. Use flooring spacers to create your expansion gap. Please refer to the manufacturers guidelines for further information regarding expansion gaps.
  • Please allow approximately 5% of laminate/wood purchased to be lost due to wastage from cutting etc.
  • Because of the natural source of our hardwood and solidwood flooring knotting in the wood and variances in shade can be expected.

Caring for your flooring: -

  • Never clean the floor with a wet mop or wet cloth, steam, polish, wax, varnish, cleaning detergent, bleach, scouring pads, wire wool, proprietary cleaners, abrasives, or cleaning agents that contain abrasives or bleach.
  • Sweep the floor regularly with a soft brush to remove any grit, and clean regularly using an active fibre dry mop.
  • Always remove spillages and water from floors immediately.
  • Always use felt pad protectors on moveable furniture for example, sideboards, hi-fi units, televisions, table legs and chair legs.
  • Use castor cups with felt pad protectors, with office chairs.
  • On high gloss flooring: -
    • Never use a floor cleaner or stain remover
    • Use a soft brush, active fibre dry mop or a moist cloth and dry and buff immediately after.
    • Do not clean the floor with a wet mop or wet cloth.