Discover the ideal floor for your pets

Ideal floor for pets

Does your four-legged friend love to run around the house? Maybe your beloved cat enjoys jumping from the floor to the cupboard and vice versa? And let’s not get started on those wet paws… When you have pets, a sturdy floor is definitely a must. Check out a selection of floors that are both pet-proof and stylish.

Laminate floor

A laminate floor by HDM has a high-tech surface that is completely sealed and has water-repellent seams. This makes the floor moisture-resistant, so if your dog comes running into the house with wet paws or your cat knocks over a bowl of water, there’s no need to panic. However, do take care that water does not remain on the laminate floor for too long, as it will soak into the seams and cause damage.

Moreover, the floor is low maintenance. That makes it the perfect solution if have pets running around. They lose hair and leave behind dirt that can be absorbed by the floor. However, the impenetrable top layer prevents this from happening. Laminate floors are actually easy to clean and hair does not stick to the surface. If you choose an embossed laminate floor, the added advantage is that it hardly shows any dirt and it offers your pets a better grip. An excellent choice for pet owners!

PVC floor

The top layer of our PVC floors is plain and smooth. Hair and other dirt does not have a chance to stick to the floor. Handy when you want to clean the floor with a hoover and a wet mop. When your pet leaves dirty marks on the floor, you can also scrub it thoroughly with soap and water. PVC floors are 100% waterproof and therefore low maintenance and ideal for use in damp spaces. In addition, our PVC floors are sound-absorbing, just like our SPC floors. So you won’t hear your dog hopping around the house.

SPC vinyl tiles

Looking for stylish tiles that are both water-repellent and pet-friendly? Our new SPC vinyl tiles are the ideal solution. You can order them in faux wood or faux concrete. All tiles have a sealed high-tech vinyl top layer that is elastic and robust, offers excellent protection against wear, scratches and stains, and is easy to maintain. Does your dog or cat press its nails into the floor? With an SPC vinyl floor, you no longer have to worry. On the contrary, SPC vinyl tiles are highly scratch- and wear-resistant!


All our floors can be fitted with underfloor heating. And while this may feel lovely under your feet during the cold winter months, it may sometimes be less pleasant for your pets, as they cannot enjoy a lie-down on the cool floor when they are feeling too hot. So make sure they have a cool place to relax in the house.

Do you have any questions or do you need advice on the best floor for your four-legged friend? Then don’t hesitate to contact us!