Elesgo Supergloss Flooring Carrara White Maxi V5 Tile

Elesgo Supergloss Carrara White Maxi V5 Micro Groove Laminate Flooring is designed for contemporary homes. This beautiful super high gloss finish product has 5 grooves which creates a twin tile look on one single board. This product is widely used in Kitchens and Utility rooms.

Install this flooring in a spacious room where it can get all the attention it rightly deserves, you and your guests will stare at it for ages. Not only is it beautiful, it has an innovative sound dampening system on the back called Laminopax. The honeycomb textured backing can remove as much as 10dB from walking noise pollution. There will be no echoes in your home with this floor!

This laminate flooring is easy to Fit, thanks to the UniClic joint system that allows each board to be slotted together seamlessly. Supergloss Maxi V5 Carrara White Micro Groove Laminate Flooring is suitable for use in residential areas with high traffic and commercial areas with medium traffic levels. Elesgo laminate flooring comes with a 10 year residential guarantee.

Board Size 1184 x 320 x 7.7mm
6 Boards Per Pack
Pack Size 2.27m2

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Pack price £34.02
Price M2 £14.99
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  • 7.7mm

    Thickness (mm)

  • 320

    Width (mm)

  • 1184

    Length (mm)

  • 2.27

    Pack Size m2

  • Range:Elesgo Supergloss Maxi V5

  • Species:Tile Effect

More Information
Brand Elesgo Supergloss
Colour White
Species Tile Effect