Sale: high-gloss laminate flooring for a modern look and feel

Are you looking for affordable, modern, high-gloss laminate flooring with just that little bit extra? LF Direct offers you the perfect material on sale! If you choose high-gloss laminate, our floors will give your home a unique and stylish look. In addition, the surface is equipped with the beautiful high-gloss Elesgo® surface. The top layer is:




Variety of high-gloss laminate flooring

Our high-gloss laminate flooring is available in three versions: Glamour life, Brilliant life, and Shiny life. Discover our range ASAP.

Glamour Life

The Glamour life laminate planks measure 1294 x 185 x 8 mm. The long side of the Glamour life high-gloss laminate flooring planks are slightly rounded. When combined with the seamless end connections, the planks then appear to be as long as the space, creating a unique effect. These outlet products are available in 10 different solid colours/structures.

Brilliant Life

The uniqueness of this laminate flooring is, on the one hand, the size of the planks and, on the other hand, the extra V-groove in the middle of the plank. The planks measure 1294 x 320 mm and the V-groove in the middle of the plank ensures that the high-gloss laminate flooring looks like a rectangular tile of 640 x 320 mm.

Shiny Life

The Shiny life glossy laminate flooring gives your home a special touch. The planks are available in five different designs so you are sure to find one that fully satisfies your taste. The planks have a natural look and measure 1294 x 185 x 8 mm.

While supplies last!

We only have a limited supply of our outlet high-gloss laminate flooring and will not be replaced. This means these products can sell out quickly. Please contact us if you want to be sure that the desired quantity is still in stock.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Do these floors not meet your preferences? Perhaps you accidentally suffered water damage and need to replace part of your existing floor? Take a look at our range here. Need some advice? Send an email to or call us on +44 (0)1642 130 013. We are happy to assist you with well-founded answers and information.