Kitchen floors

You spend time in the kitchen every day. When cooking, fetching something from the fridge or simply to sitting down for meals. Therefore, it is important that your kitchen design is both comfortable and practical. The floor is an important piece of the puzzle. Indeed, the floor affects the entire look and feel of the kitchen, as well as playing an important functional role. After all, you want to be able to walk around safely in the kitchen. Even if some water has splashed onto the floor.

Are you looking for a safe and stunning floor? Then laminate is a great choice. Laminate suits every room, and is therefore also perfect for the kitchen. Discover all the benefits of laminate!

A new kitchen or updating your current one?

Are you planning major renovation or choosing an entirely new kitchen in a new or existing home? In both cases it is worth paying plenty of attention to the floor. A floor is the foundation, both literally and figuratively.

After all, the choices in flooring are endless. There is PVC, vinyl, SPC, wood or laminate, as well as many different colours and structures. Our favourite choice for the kitchen is laminate. This material has many advantages and offers a unique look and feel.

Your kitchen style

Do you want an industrial-look kitchen or do you prefer a modern or rural design? Take a look at our different laminate floors and you are sure to find one that suits your favourite style.

Indeed, you can choose tile-look laminate, concrete-look laminate, wood-look laminate or a laminate floor with a fishbone pattern, and you can match your floor beautifully with the style of your kitchen. Take a look at the range of Quick Step Livyn floors and find exactly what you were looking for!

Why choose a laminate floor for your kitchen?

Above all, a kitchen must be practical. Before you know it something can be spilled when cooking or serving drinks. That is why it is important that the floor can take some knocks and is durable. Safety is another top priority. Great reasons why laminate flooring is the best choice.

Benefits of a laminate floor in the kitchen


The surface is completely closed and the seams are water-repellent. This makes the floor moisture-proof and able to handle a spill. However, do take care that water does not remain on the floor for long periods. This can actually damage the laminate. For extra moisture-proof laminate floors check out Quickstep Impressive floors. These planks feature a top layer with a unique water-repellent ‘HydroSeal’. Not only does this make the laminate floors look stunning, they are also more water-resistant than other laminate floors.

Do you want an entirely waterproof floor? Check out our collection of vinyl, PVC and SPC vinyl floors. These floors are completely water-resistant and suit both the kitchen, and the bathroom.

Unique look

There are many unique colours and designs to choose from in our range. In fact, these days it is perfectly possible to imitate either a concrete, wooden or tile floor. You can hardly tell the difference. It has never been easier to create a unique look which matches the rest of the kitchen and meets all of your requirements.

Minimum impact noise

When you are pottering around in the kitchen late at night, you naturally don’t wish to wake up your housemates. A laminate floor makes a minimum of impact noise and is therefore well suited to the kitchen.

Minimum impact noise can be achieved by laying a laminate floor in combination with a good underfloor. A good underfloor helps to absorb noise. In addition, a decent underfloor ensures that damp from the ground is unable to reach the laminate. Also, a good underfloor provides a stable foundation for the laminate. This means, when installing a laminate floor in the kitchen, the underfloor is very important.

Low maintenance

Which do you prefer? Cleaning the kitchen or enjoying a hobby? You probably chose the second option! In that case, a laminate floor is the perfect choice for you. Indeed, laminate is low maintenance: all you need to do is vacuum the floor and wipe with a damp cloth.

Accidentally spilled some water or drink? Then pat it dry as quickly as possible. There is no need to treat the laminate with oil or wax (as you do with a wooden floor). The synthetic surface is completely closed and requires no maintenance.


Irritation, a runny nose or red eyes, there is nothing more annoying than an allergic reaction. Many common allergies are caused by dust mites and pets. Did you know that the floor is the best place to start preventing such reactions? When you choose a laminate floor with an impenetrable synthetic top layer, you benefit from a floor where dust and pet hair cannot become stuck. Furthermore, the floor is easy to clean.

Easy installation

Installing a laminate floor in the kitchen is quick and easy. The handy click system means you simply need to click the laminate together.Find out more? Read our blog and lay laminate like a professional!

Relatively cheap

Laminate is relatively cheap compared with other floors.  This is due, on the one hand, to the low purchase price of laminate and, on the other hand, to the fact you can easily lay laminate yourself. This saves you the cost of labour, on top of the fact that the price of laminate is already really reasonable.


It is quite an investment to install a new kitchen. Plus, you want to enjoy it for as long as possible. Choose laminate in the kitchen, and you can be sure it will last a long time. After all, laminate is very wear-resistant. This means that the floor will remain in an appropriate state for a long time, that any damage is hard to spot and that the floor simply does not wear out quickly.

Interested in laminate for your kitchen?

Have you decided on kitchen laminate? Then you have come to the right place. Take a look at our range and get a good deal on buying your favourite laminate floor. Have fun with your new laminate in your (new) kitchen! Any questions? Feel free to get in touch!

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