Seven reasons to choose laminate flooring!

seven reasons laminate

Choosing from many different types of floor can be a difficult task. Each floor type has its pros and cons, and it is best to weigh them up against each other. All too often, the final decision is in favour of laminate. Why? We’ll take each point one-by-one.

1. The range is endless

Whatever your preference, you can find a floor that appeals to you in the laminate floors range: different colours, structures, dimensions, etc. Take your time to review and compare all the different laminate options. A golden tip? Request some samples. Feel the structure and compare the colour to ensure it matches the rest of the materials in the house.

2. The warm feeling of wood

A real parquet floor or wooden floor gives your home cachet and a warm feeling. With laminate, you also get the warm feeling of wood in the house while also enjoying many other advantages: easy to install, inexpensive to purchase, and maintenance-friendly.

3. Can take a beating

Natural products in the home are beautiful in photos, but unfortunately, they are often not so accommodating to everyday family life. Do you want to live life fully in your house? Then choose laminate. Laminate floors are wear- and colour-resistant, so you can enjoy your favourite floor for a long time to come!

Can take a beating

4. Easy maintenance

Do you want to make time for what is really important? Then limit the maintenance of your home to a minimum. This is also possible with laminate. A vacuum cleaner and electrostatic dust cloth is all you need for most cleaning operations concerning this floor type. Only stubborn dirt will occasionally require a well-wrung mop to remove it.

5. Cheaper alternative

Laminate is cheaper than many other floor types. This type of floor has evolved significantly over the years. Laminate has been greatly improved, not only in quality, but also appearance. In terms of value for money, laminate is still one of the best choices. And you can also save a lot on installation costs, because you can easily do it yourself.

6. Easy to lay yourself

With a little practice and preparation, anyone can lay a beautiful laminate floor. Are you ready to get started? Then read our roadmap and discover how you can easily lay the laminate yourself.

easy to lay yourself

7. Perfect in combination with underfloor heating

Do you fancy enjoying a blissfully warm and soft floor at your feet? Combining laminate with underfloor heating creates the optimal climate for your dream home. This is why many new-build homes choose this floor today.

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