Why a herringbone floor gives your interior a unique look

Herringbone flooring

Is your bedroom floor in dire need of renovation? Are you tired of looking at your living room floor after all these years? Or maybe you want to give your dining room a unique design? In a nutshell, are you ready to treat your floor to a new, special look? What better way to do that than with herringbone laminate?

But what is herringbone laminate exactly?

Herringbone laminate is a floor with short planks laid at right angles in a V pattern. And yes, that pattern looks exactly like a… herringbone! Or a zigzag motif.

Origin of the herringbone pattern

The first herringbone patterns appeared many years ago. For example, the ancient Merimde culture used this decorative pattern in their pottery. Gradually, the fish found its way into an ocean of artistic shapes and designs. Even today, it is a popular trend. Floor, wall and ceiling boards are easy to lay in a herringbone pattern, giving your home an authentic atmosphere.

The charm of herringbone floors

During the cold winter months, keep your feet warm with herringbone floors thanks to their warm look and feel, cosy decoration, and above all, their compatibility with underfloor heating. Would you like to find out more about laminate or parquet combined with underfloor heating? Then check out our blog.

The Chene FirmFit Rigid Herringbone floors are available in five colour shades or you can choose the Elka herringbone floors in Dark Smoked Oak and Light Smoked Oak.

Both series have a unique appearance and lend character to your floor. In addition, they have a high-tech surface layer that is resistant to scratches and abrasion.

A herringbone pattern with feeling!

Inevitably, the boards, which are arranged at an angle of 90°, are reminiscent of the golden age of Viennese cafés, Italian opera houses and classic theatres, without compromising the modern look of your interior.

The solid floors made of vinyl or wood are suitable for various rooms, including the living room, bedroom, attic, hall, kitchen and dining room – they even look great in commercial spaces!

How do I get started with herringbone parquet?

These beautiful floors with V4 grooves are usually installed by a professional installer. However, the boards are so user-friendly you can now easily install them yourself!

Important note! There are both left and right planks. The difference is indicated by A + B.

Herringbone floor? Now what?

Make your winning move! Visit one of our shops in Middlesbrough or Hillington and experience the magic for yourself!

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